The Zipline

Stockholm’s longest and fastest zipline!  The starting platform is around eighteen meters up in the trees. You need to take a step out into the blue in order to get down again. You fly 150 m through the forest reaching speeds up to 50 km/h before landing in a big net with a great feeling of accomplishment and adrenaline.

The Zipline is part of one of our tougher programs together with The Trapeze for those of you who wish to push yourself mentally with an added adrenaline rush.

It is also popular to book The Zipline as an extra activity for the whole group in combination with the Links or as an extra adrenaline rush for a specific person in the group.


You do not need to be physically fit to participate. The max weight is 110 kg. People suffering from heart problems or high blood pressure are discouraged to take part.

The activities are held with professional safety equipment and instructors.
Our facilities maintain the highest standard of safety within high ropes courses and are inspected regularly.


End your adventure with a relaxed experience in our Wood-fired Sauna by Sandasjön.